Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Support to get your life back on track.

There are three seemingly distinct areas of our lives. These are mind, body and spirit. Even though all three aspects of our self are intertwined, some people have more challenges with one particular area than another.

I offer FOUR distinct consulting and coaching programs (see below). Each of my coaching programs addresses your current needs while strengthening the other two areas. What affects one area affects the whole.

Integrative Wellness Coaching

A complete program that combines all three of my previous programs into one to help support wellness, manage or reduce stress, and spiritually stimulate health and vitality. Are you ready to become healthier and feel more alive?

Caregiver and End of Life Support

Offering Spiritual support for Conscious Living and Dying. Life is precious. Imagine facing life and death with an open heart, free of fear, and using whatever life gives you as an opportunity for Spiritual awakening.