“IntegratIVE Wellness” Consulting

What is Integrative Wellness Coaching?

Integrative Wellness is a type of coaching that is flexible and has many different modalities to help you reach your Wellness, Spiritual, and Life goals. When we came into this world no one gave us a handbook on how to be healthy, happy, and successful. In fact, for most of us it started with a slap on the rump. In the 50 years that I have been involved in alternative and integrative health I have found many different “maps” That can be used to improve health and reach our goals in life. No single map is all inclusive nor does each map fit everyone’s needs at any given moment. Integrative Wellness uses a variety of techniques (maps) that are tailored to the individual so you can achieve the best outcome as quickly as it takes. Most of us live with the idea that different parts of us are separate. We have a body, a mind, and a Spirit. The modern world carves these aspects of the self apart and pretends they are separate and in their own little box. Wisdom tells us different. In truth, we are whole. What happens to one aspect of our being affects the whole. Integrative Wellness works with the wholeness of who we truly are so that as an integrated self, we can move more easily through life in a conscious, balanced and harmonious manner. At times, however, one area may need more attention than the others. I have created different coaching tools to address those needs while paying attention to the whole.

The cost of this program is determined by your individual need. Please contact me at [email protected] to arrange a free consultation to determine how I can be of service to you.

Integrative Wellness Coaching is based on these foundational truths:

  • The body has an innate wisdom that is always stiving to return to a state of health and balance if it is given what it needs.
  • Generally, we move away from health and balance because of beliefs, some chosen by us and some not, trauma, poor lifestyle choices and chronic stress. Through shifts in thinking and actions, we can return to wellness.
  • Wellness not just a lack of disease but a constantly emerging path in our lives that, with attention and consistency, is available to all of us.
  • It is much easier to get what we want in life if we are in a state of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

How do we do that:

  1. First, we get very clear on what you want and discover what is blocking you from achieving your goals. I use a variety of approaches to uncover whatever is standing in your way depending on what it is you want. Some people want better health, some want a deeper spiritual experience in life and others have success and career goals that need attention. In truth, all these areas of life intersect, and Integrative Wellness Coaching always addresses all three areas. Whatever is standing in your way, we will do our best to find it.
  2. Second, we design your unique plan, a roadmap to wholeness, with action plans and strategies to bring you back into balance and harmony.
  3. Thirdly, we create the habits that will keep you at your optimum level of health and performance.

Are you having problems in the

physical/wellness area of your life?

Many people come to me for physical health problems. For Integrative Wellness Coaching I have created a format that I call “The Five Pillars of Health” that encompasses all areas of our life and health potential. When these areas are in balance and harmony with each other, health has the greatest opportunity to express itself. These Five Pillars are based on the 5 Element system of Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and other Wholistic medical systems that complement each other. The pillars are:
  1. Digestion and assimilation of nutrients (diet and digestive support)
  2. Proper elimination of waste and toxins
  3. Proper circulation (movement, gentle exercise, etc.)
  4. Taming the inflammation response in the body (diet and anti-inflammatory supplements)
  5. Mental/Emotional/Spiritual outlook and cultivation (stress, trauma, relationships, self-care, meditation and more)
For many, certain “Pillars” are fully functional and strong. However, if there are some weak Pillars, the whole health system comes under strain and eventually health problems appear. I will work with you to design your Personalized Wellness Plan to address your current health issues and help prevent future problems from occurring. We will work to discover the weak Pillars and strengthen them and correct the causes of the weakened Pillars. This consulting process is designed to help you start feeling better as quickly as possible.

How this part of the program works:

I will send you in-depth questionnaires that help me understand your current health concerns, lifestyle patterns, stress levels, and your past health history.

After I have reviewed the information, we will meet face-to-face via Skype, Zoom, or on the telephone to review and go deeper into the information that you have provided. This first meeting may take up to 1½ hours.

After our first consultation, I will send your Personalized Wellness Plan including:

  • Information on your current diagnosis from a holistic Chinese Medicine perspective
  • Customize nutritional supplement suggestions (if needed)
  • Traditional Chinese herbal prescriptions (if needed) (additional cost)
  • Dietary changes and suggestions
  • Your main stress personality type (there are 5 different stress types) and the main solutions for your type.
  • Other lifestyle modifications to help you realize your health goals, reduce stress, and have greater peace of mind.

Together we will devise a plan with concrete action steps for you to follow to make the most positive impact on your health.

Follow-up consultation may be scheduled as needed to monitor your progress, keep you on track, answer questions, and make modifications to your program to achieve the best health outcomes possible.

Do you need this? I do not know. How is your health?


The cost of this program is determined by your individual need. Please contact me at [email protected] to arrange a free consultation to determine how I can be of service to you.

Are you experiencing a disconnect from Spirit and wholeness

Many people underestimate or overlook the role of spirituality in their life. Almost everyone has a different idea about what spirituality is and what it means to them. I believe that if we are not in touch with our spirit, our ability to experience joy, self-love and healthy relationships becomes diminished. If someone needs counseling in this crucial area of their life, this is how we approach it.

What is Spirituality and Spiritual coaching?

These are the foundational truths that my coaching is based on:

  1. Spirituality says we all come the same Source and are whole in our true nature.
  2. We forget our wholeness.
  3. The forgetting causes longing, grief, feelings of separation, and other mental and emotional pain.
  4. We can all return to wholeness.

There are many reasons why we forget our wholeness. Some of the reasons are incorrect beliefs (about ourselves and our relationship to the world), trauma, lack of awareness of our unique purpose in life and more. Spiritual coaching helps one find their unique path for the return to wholeness. Through this process we can reduce suffering and pain in ourselves and others. We may also find a greater sense of connection and meaning to our place in the world. Most importantly, we find deeper peace and joy as our lives unfold before us.

How does Spiritual coaching work?

The Spiritual coaching that I provide is a process of discovery of your deepest values, purpose, and mission in life. When you know who you are (Spirit), you possess the true criterion to help gauge your thoughts, actions, interactions, and choices in life.

Spiritual Coaching includes:

  • “Revealing the Hidden Heart” book, by me, Dr. Van R. Warren
  • Understanding the qualities of Spirit, mind, and body
  • Understanding your unique blockages to Spiritual Wholeness
  • Techniques for discovering your Spirit Purpose
  • Mindfulness training
  • Compassion training
  • Meditation training
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Using these tools of Spirit to create strategies for moving toward alignment with Spirit and maintaining that Spiritual alignment.